NedWolfkin NedWolfkin 5 days ago

Making a Game about our Lore

As you all might know, LOLPasta has its own lore, which, if you haven't already, I suggest you check out. We were discussing the possibility of making a text adventure game based on this lore, and I put it upon myself to make these games as accurate as possible.

I have no actual programming skills, but thankfully an old MS-DOS program called Computer Novel Construction Set which is a very comprehensive and easy to use text adventure game maker. The games might take a while to be released because I want to do the entire lore (which is not finished yet), and because I want to make sure everything is perfect before making it available.

Here are some screenshots so far. This particular game is based on DarknessReaper9's Dis How EVIL PATRIXXX was…

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RoseDiamond95 RoseDiamond95 20 August

Grduhgbyusgdrhfsdx needs to be banned.

I am getting really sick of this user mass-deleting articles. I don't even know what their endgame is, but it is annoying as fuck and needs to stop right now. I've already contacted Omenyaa about possibly having this person banned, so please do the same.

Also, if you try to confront them about it, they'll just reply "LOL rage" or something.

RoseDiamond95 (talk) 00:57, August 20, 2020 (UTC)

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Perturbed Maverick Perturbed Maverick 2 August

Scare-Factor Wiki up for grabs...

I am no longer an administrator on the scare-factor wiki, so if any of you would like to adopt the wiki, please discuss it with a staff member. If you would simply like to become an administrator on the wiki, please submit an application here  Thank You 

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TobbyHappy TobbyHappy 17 July

NedWolfkin's Goodbye

Tobby's note: For those of you that may or may not know, the following was left by NedWolfkin (The founder of this website) in the Pasta World Discord server as a farewell message to us.

Because he only posted this in the Pasta World Discord server, I've decided to post it here so others that may not be in the Discord server can know about this.

@everyone First off, I'd like to apologize for pinging everyone, and for not responding to any messages that was sent to me. I haven't been on either Discord and FANDOM since my last message, and I'm not going to check any messages I might have, so I'm sorry to everyone who has messaged me, or gave me a friend request. I also want to apologize for this long, possibly final message.

There are a few thin…

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DarknessReaper9 DarknessReaper9 1 July

Reaper's Reviews II, Part I, The Voiceboxing begins.

The day my life changed forever started out like every other day. It was the same routine for the last 7 years, ever since I had turned 10. I woke up at 6:00 am, took a quick shower, tossed on my favorite black skinny jeans, a black Hollywood Undead t-shirt, my crimson hoodie and my red and black running shoes. I pulled my long brown hair up in a ponytail, covered the bruises on my pale face with some makeup, grabbed my backpack for school, and woke up my 6 year-old little sister, Benna.

Edgy Black T-Shirt lol. Also The same clothes everyday? Christ! Also Very edgy clothes, Jesus. Also why would you- cover bruises? That seems pretty random, but okey. Also your little Sister is 6. How could this Routine have been Continus for 7 years? Did yo…

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Perturbed Maverick Perturbed Maverick 28 June

This is a wonderful wiki

I thoroughly enjoy some of the stories on this wiki, shout outs to you guys ;) Thanks for the laughs!

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Using word processing programs

A simple solution to all of your unfinished page issues!

But really though, why isn't that step carried out by some people? Even if you don't have Microsoft Office, Microsoft personal computers come with Wordpad and Notepad by default. Just use those to take your time to fully write (and frequently save) your pastas instead of a Wiki article in which you could come down with a sense of haste in the process. Plus, if something gets deleted and you want a preserved copy of it, having it saved in your files previously could also solve that.

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NedWolfkin NedWolfkin 14 May

Ned's Nitpicks Volume 24: Luring Lyra

I know I usually post these around midnight, but because I'm in a pretty hostile situation right now, I felt it best to publish this now just in case I'm not around at the right time. There might be some issues (like all my other Nitpicks), because I'm not sure if I have time to fix everything.

Luring Lyra was once a normal girl named Lyra Rogers.

No relations to Fred.

She had a mother named Connie Rogers, a father named Frank Rogers, and a brother four years younger than her named Toby Rogers.

Being a family, we would assume they all had the same last name, but whatever.

When she was young, her father started drinking and abusing his family.

Of course he did, it wouldn't be a Shitty OC origin story if he didn't.

Because of this, Lyra got bullied…

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NedWolfkin NedWolfkin 8 May

Ned's Nitpicks Volume 23: SpongeBob Part 3

Sorry this one is a bit late, some things got in the way as I was doing the last story.

  • 1 Plankton Got Served
  • 2 Sandy's Revenge
  • 3 Kamp Koral Massacre
  • 4 SBSPS0E5 - Underwater Twister
  • 5 Spongbob Square pants Lost episode: Alone
  • 6 Spongebob "Sandy's Suicide"
  • 7 Spongebob - Data
  • 8 Spongebob - Mr. Krabs's Bankruptcy

I am sure many have heard of Lost Episode Creepypastas.

Yes, and a majority of them suck.

They are usually an incredibly graphic episode that conveys such fear for children that it was never aired, though someone managed to sneak a viewing or owns one of the tapes.

You mean like this one?

The most popular example of this is Squidward’s Suicide, in which Squidward commits suicide, hence the title.

Wow, who would have thought?

Of course all of these Creepypa…

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NedWolfkin NedWolfkin 1 May

Ned's Nitpicks Volume 22: Mixed Bag

I turned 30 years old this week, so I decided to celebrate by making this edition of Ned's Nitpicks a "goody bag" of shit.

Let me set the scene now. I threw a big party, and you were all invited. We all had a good time, and I gave you a goody bag, but instead of party favors and candy, you got these tear-downs. You're welcome!

One day, I bought this 50$ Acer

Maybe you can use it to learn basic spelling, like putting the dollar sign BEFORE the price number.

laptop from one of those sales where someone dies but doesn't have a legal rights to give to family member.

It's called an estate sell. How about using that laptop to look things up instead of making yourself look stupid. Not only would Googling it take less time than it did to explain what i…

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DarknessReaper9 DarknessReaper9 26 April

Reaper's reviews I: Garfield's Horrible day.

Alright, this is my first crack it reviewing a crappypasta. This Pasta's pretty bad. It's not Jeff the Killer levels of bad, nor Sonic.exe levels. However it's still pretty Garbage.

Lets begin

I'm a pretty big fan of Garfield, you know the comic strip character that's a fat orange cat with black stripes that loves lasagna. you probably do know about him and his huge fanbase

First of all, if you're assuming I know, then why explain all the damn details? If I was so confused, I could literally just google the name Garfield. Also "I'm a fan of ____" Cliche. Also Also you didn't capitalize the "Y" after the period.

But something that many Garfield fans don't know is that Garfield had some TV shows like Garfield And Friends, The majority of these w…

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GAMP the Computer GAMP the Computer 24 April

Kinda new at this, so pardon me if I do something wrong, but...

I found a pasta I believe is worthy of being banished to Jacksonville, Florida. 

Always Count the Legs of a Spider

It's nowhere near Sonic.exe levels of autism, but wow it's stupid. First off, the protagonist is a wet ass pussy. Most arachnophobes I know aren't THIS irrational. The spider demon thing doesn't even do anything actually scary, just sits on the protagonist's chest and watches before fucking off after a few hours. It's just stupid. 


Let me preface this by saying I have a severe case of arachnophobia. Seriously, even those tiny ones scare the shit out of me. If I spot a spider in a room, any room, you can bet your arse I'll be the first to leave it. So it's God's greatest joke that this should be happening to me, the guy…

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NedWolfkin NedWolfkin 24 April

Ned's Nitpicks Volume 21: The Green Eyed Hamster, Mr widemouth, Corona

I'm going to give us all a small break from all the SpongeBob shittypastas because I don't want to accidentally give myself or anyone else cancer. In the meantime, I found two shitty stories that deserve a good asswhoopin'.

I Was 16 years old to get a pet hamster

Looking at your atrocious spelling, it seems you won't be 16 for another ten years.

i named her Maria Green she was a hamster

Yeah, we figured she was a hamster when you told us that earlier!

i feed her hamster treats at 3:12

(What I'm assuming is) 3:00 AM IS HAUNTED TIME, GUYZ! Back in my day 12:00 midnight was when spooky things were supposed to happen, but whatever.

i heard terrfiying noises under my bed

You can tell a child wrote this because they think there is a monster under their …

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DarknessReaper9 DarknessReaper9 21 April

I'm beck

Yes it is I, the Person none of you know about. I haven't been on LOLpasta in awhile, and I've come back. It's time I, or rather you finish The Sequel to "Dis How EVIL PATRIXXX was made." I have decided to open it as a Collab, as I'm not sure how to finish the story. Just today I opened it as a Collab. So it will be closed to edits by May 20th, 2020. Be sure to get your edit in for The Revonge of EVIL PATRIXXX! 

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NedWolfkin NedWolfkin 17 April

Ned's Nitpicks Volume 20: SpongeBob Part 2

  • 1 How Spongebob Started
  • 2 King Neptune's Final
  • 3 Krabby Patty: The Secret Formula
  • 4 Midnight (SpongeBob)
  • 5 My First Krabby Patty
  • 6 Original Pilot of Spongebob Squarepants
  • 7 Patrick's Degradation
  • 8 Patrick's Leg
  • 9 Patrick's Suicide
  • 10 Pearl.avi

People can tell you anything they want, but this is how Spongebob actually started.

Yeah! Author is so badass that only THEY know the truth about how SpongeBob started!

The man that would eventually come up with the idea for Spongebob had a history for DUI.

That man, being Stephen Hillenburg, was actually a marine biologist who came up with the idea for a comic called "Sponge Boy". Now that he is dead, this seems very disrespectful.

He had been in court many times before, with his mother always having to bail him outt, but th…

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NedWolfkin NedWolfkin 10 April

Ned's Nitpicks Volume 19: Hope Is Lost, The ghoul

I was originally going to add this to my next installment of SpongeBob compilations, but because the author decided to make this story long enough to be a novel by going into too much detail (in all the wrong places), adding too much wording, walk around sentences (i.e. "I was scared. Oh God I was scared. I was so super scared"), and adding too much redundancies, I was forced to give this one its own page (discluding the bonus non-SpongeBob story, of course).

Hello, my name is Nicholas.

Wow, finally, a Shittypasta where the main character isn't anonymous because MUH IDENNIDY!

Now, today I am going to tell you a story of what may have seemed a typical day to any normal intern, but there was NOTHING normal about today. It was my first day as an…

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What are some of your thoughts on I LOVE YOU

I'm sure some people have read the trollpasta I LOVE YOU. A blatant ripoff of I HATE YOU, it tells the tale of a young teenager who plays an SMG4 version of Super Mario World. This young boy discovers a secret level after an enemy blocks a pipe that would have permitted him to exit the level, and thus entangles himself in a complicated love story between SMG4 and his retarded, obese Italian second banana, Mario. I've noticed that my story is trending, and I would like to thank you for contributing to this story's success. Heck, somebody even nominated I LOVE YOU to become the PotM. Tell me what you like so much about the story.

Also feel free to nitpick and deconstruct the story.

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Spooky (stock) images gallery

Note: This is a parody of the nightmare fuel pages from the Creepypasta Wiki.

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NedWolfkin NedWolfkin 3 April

Ned's Nitpicks Volume 18: Bullies, and The Psychiatrist

Note to admins: Please do NOT delete this pasta. This is my first 'real' pasta and it has a good message to stop bullying.

AWW MAN! The author said that the admins cannot delete the story! That means they have to keep it up! Seriously though, that has NEVER worked before and I don't know why people think that making demands to administrators will get them what they want.

"I SAID YOU DON'T SCARE ME ANYMORE!" Screamed Timothy, fed up with the bullies.

Let's start the story right in the middle of the action! Also, you were just asking for an ass-whooping for saying that, little asshole!

Carlos immediately threw acid in Timothy's face.

Where did he get acid? Who the fuck knows. The author clearly doesn't care enough about this story because it is too…

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NedWolfkin NedWolfkin 27 March

Ned's Nitpicks Volume 17: SpongeBob Crappypastas Part 1

I have come to the realization that the only Crappypastas worse than Jeff OCs are SpongeBob pastas, so I have put it on myself to tear down each and every SbSp Crappypasta on our site. This will of course take a few installments, which I hope nobody minds.

  • 1 ??? (Spongebob Lost Episode)
  • 2 Alone.png
  • 3 Another Lost Episode
  • 4 Bootleg squidward plush
  • 5 Bootleg: Something's Up With Nicktoons
  • 6 Dead Squidward
  • 7 Deadsponge.avi
  • 8 Don't Watch! Please!
  • 9 Dragon's Den
  • 10 Evil Spongebob the video game
  • 11 FileA1B7
  • 12 Goodbye...
  • 13 Hailsponge.MP4

I love watching Spongebob episodes.

Everyone does. You're not so special.

Only the ones that are from seasons 1-3.

I'm one of those few people who are of the opinion that the show's best seasons were 4 through 9.

But i had the episode was th…

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NedWolfkin NedWolfkin 20 March

Ned's Nitpicks Volume 16: Sonic's Pentagram, and The Happy Mask Salesman

This week we're going to be tearing into Sonic's Pentagram and The Happy Mask Salesman: A Short Story, Kinda.

Although these stories are about two different games, they have some of the same cliches which include, but are not limited to: authors not understanding the difference between a CD and a cartridge, dumbass protagonists, fourth wall breaking, SUPR SCURY IMGES, BLOOD AND DEATH ARE SCARY, and iT's JuSt A gLiTcH!

It all began when Micheal

I have a feeling the author meant to spell "Michael". Either way, I'm pronouncing it "Michele", the French variation, in my head.

a 5 year old gamer and a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog

So he's a year older than the author? He would have to be five years old if he is a fan of the new Sonic games.

had been told …

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DarknessReaper9 DarknessReaper9 16 March


Suddenly, a day after I made it, Meh EVIL PATRIXXX Origin Story is the Most Popular on the Wiki. Thanks you GUIZE. But seriously, that's honestly suprising. Just wanted to say that I hope you GUIZE enjoyed it, goo'bye

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NedWolfkin NedWolfkin 13 March

Ned's Nitpicks Volume 15: Hani the redness

It was a loud day in the school.

I imagine the students running amok. Unfortunately, this dispels that illusion...

Vehicle sound from the freeways are distracting students and teachers.

Because the schools in Shittycreepypastaland are made of paper.

Miss Wati the nature science teacher were teaching

There was more than one of her? Do the local governments of Shittycreepypastaland penny-pinch so hard that they can only hire one teacher, who must be able to duplicate themselves?

[teaching] students about a sound.

It would be hilariously ironic if the sound in question was a vehicular sound.

Miss Wati raising her hand and pointing to rigth of freeways road.

Was... was I right?

The freeways road look like a very crowded market 'with a noise that so nois…

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NedWolfkin NedWolfkin 6 March

Ned's Nitpicks Volume 14: Why McDonalds uses Frozen Meat, Silly Willy's

In this volume, I'm going to be reviewing two stories since they are both very short. Today I am going to be tearing intoWhy McDonald's uses Frozen Meat and Silly Willy's

It was a nice day. . . For a worker at McDonald's

If you work at McDonald's no day is a nice day.

until a strange man with a black hoodie and slack jeans came in.

Wow, a hoodie, how original! Why do twelve year olds think hoodies are scary and/or cool? They look trashy if you ask me.

When the worker asked the man to pay, he noticed that his wallet had hundreds of dollars.

Of course, having money is unusual to someone who is struggling to make some.

The Worker was forcefully inquisitive, and demanded how he got all of that money.

"None of your fucking business, wage slave!" Jokes as…

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NedWolfkin NedWolfkin 28 February

Ned's Nitpicks Volume 13: Fading Akura

Every now and again I will find a story which not only sucks, but serves as proof that the author is a complete moron. One of these stories, which I'm tearing down today, is Fading Akura. It is a story so bad that even people at the Creepypasta Files Wiki think it is a load of shit.

Akura was 8 when he went into care

What kind of care? Judging by the fact that this is an OC story, probably a mental institution. Also, CHILDREN ARE NOT SCARY!

he didn't know why but he felt he had to protect his family he had left

Oooh, soooo deep! He has to leave his family because he is afraid he will hurt them. That is soooo edgy, dark, and deep!

... that would appear more difficult than he would believe...

Here's a tip for you, dumb-dumb: ellipsis looks stupid w…

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NedWolfkin NedWolfkin 21 February

Ned's Nitpicks Volume 12: The Figure of the Damned

Hey guys. This one is a few minutes early, but hey, at least I got one done on time. Today I am going to be tearing into a long and boring "story" called The Figure of the Dammed, and in case you are wondering, no it does not have anything to do with Village of the Damned. It is, as you might have expected, another shitty Mary Sue OC story, which the author tried to argue with me for an entire hour was not Jeff inspired (spoiler: it totally is). She also claimed that it took seven years to complete which, judging by the low quality, is most likely an exaggeration. In fact, it looks like it was written in fifteen minutes at most. The amount of cringe actually made this painful to read, so I hope everyone enjoys my tear-down of it. In fact, th…

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DarknessReaper9 DarknessReaper9 19 February

I'm Kinda- Uh- Confused-

So I read that you can't repost Trollpastas that were deleted, except if you fix them and get an Administraitor's Permission. So I was wanting to fix my Sequel to Sanic.wpd, Saly.wpd but I don't know exactly how to get an Administraitor's Perm on a page, do I Just post it and Mark it to be followed? Can someone help me?

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DarknessReaper9 DarknessReaper9 18 February

*click* Noice.

Uh- I just wanted to post that my Trollpasta, Sanic.wpd, is in the "Popular Pages" Group in the top-bar. Uh, Seriously- I honestly feel like more Crappypasta writers put in more effort than I did into that pasta- But honestly, thanks for reading my pasta, I'm extremely thankful that you think my trollpasta was funny and worth reading, but seriously, thanks. Just wanted to- uh- say that, bye.

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NedWolfkin NedWolfkin 14 February

Ned's Nitpicks Volume 11: The Fall of Creepypasta

Sorry this one took so long. I have been working on this one since November but some things have been getting in the way of finishing it. In fact at one point I had to have someone transcribe some of it for me because I was unable to physically type it myself.

I have been a fan of Creepypasta since 2012 and anyone who has been around since its golden age will agree with me when I say it is not what it used to be. "What has changed?" you might ask. Almost everything.

In the old days Creepypastas were anonymously posted short stories which could often be read in under ten minutes and, despite their short length, were mostly very memorable. They were the internet's equivalent of a campfire story, except most of the time, instead of "a friend of…

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NedWolfkin NedWolfkin 25 January

Ned's Nitpicks Volume 10: Smiley Suicide

Well everybody, I'm kind of back and will be on and on off this site for a while. For a few months now I have been working on a rant about what's wrong with Creepypasta in general which I am hoping to have finished by next Friday. In the meantime I found a piece of shit that I just HAD to tear apart. The piece of shit in question is Smiley Suicide, not to be confused with Squidward's Suicide.

6:50 AM, it's another day and Lala was not ready.

Her and everyone else who hates their job and/or school. Lala sounds like a self-pitying little ass. Also what the fuck kind of name is Lala?

Lala was a 9-year-old girl and she knew darker things than a 9-year-old should.

Wow, a tense change already. Also, what does she know that it is so dark? I bet the "d…

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NedWolfkin NedWolfkin 14 January

Kind of Back

After being gone for over a month, I am finally able to return, though I don't have a lot of time to spend on the site yet. I want to apologize to everyone for missing updating PotM and FotM (and thanks to Omenyaa for doing that while I was gone). As you may notice I updated the background to Christmas Evil Patrixxx which is what I had planned to make the background for December, but things got in the way. Thank you all for your patience.

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Rigarmortis Rigarmortis 13 January

hi,finally made acc

I'm guessing the blogs are for updates like activity and stuff? Sorry if this isn't what the blogs are for,admins! 

so,I'm new to this wiki! Hii! I have been lurking around here without an account looking at stories,today I decided to make one! I did join the discord yesterday though,by the same name as my user on here!  so hi!

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Doppp Doppp 4 January

hey im new

hi im new here and i alrady created a troll pasta caalled cat.exe666 and UH oh its my frist one so it not be the bvest but i would love to talkabout the good and bad thaku and im exctide to see and morez.

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PaulBlart65 PaulBlart65 18 December 2019

Is there a discord server for this site

If so can someone link it

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GNE0001 GNE0001 6 December 2019

Now watch here as I, baby tantrum!

Edit: Ok my baby tantrum is over now in back.

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Sir PatriXXXX sToOB Sir PatriXXXX sToOB 6 December 2019


Goodbye, Quorn Nigel.

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ButterBlaziken230 ButterBlaziken230 11 November 2019

Everything Wrong with My Pastas

  • 1 Numberblocks.exe
  • 2 Super Mario 69
  • 3 Le Monke In Minecraft
  • 4 The Depths of Pokemon
  • 5 Dead Bricks
  • 6 Gumball’s Demise
  • 7 It’s Just the Circus

1. What does the girl voice actor have to do with anything?

2. Oh look, you used hyper-realistic to describe One. Oh, you.

3. How can the wiki report on the episode if only one person has seen it, aka you (who hasn’t said anything about it yet)?

1. You conveniently own a N64 to play the cartridge.

2. You admitted it yourself that it seemed like a ROM Hack, meaning it’s completely normal. End of story.

3. The Bob-Omb Battlefield, even for a trollpasta, seems too much of a silly place.


1. You bring up those diamonds only for a sob story at the end.

2. Why and how is Le Monke in Min…

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Prosciutto With Horns Prosciutto With Horns 9 November 2019

Pre-Trollpasta category

There is something I am planning to upload here which originated from quite a number of years ago; in the 2000s to be precise. I'm not sure if it warrants the "pre-trollpasta" cat. Also, when do you guys think trollpastas started?

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NedWolfkin NedWolfkin 8 November 2019

Ned's Nitpicks Volume 9: Jeff OCs

Today on Ned's Nitpicks, instead of making fun of one particular story, I'm going to tear a whole bunch of them up at once.

Jeff the Killer inspired stories. They all suck, and I'm going to elaborate why!

Let's start with the biggest issue: they are written in a manner insensitive to victims of abuse, bullying, rape, self harm, suicide, and alcoholism. You would think that these stories would be cautionary tales of what could happen if you push someone too far, but instead they are mainly used as set-ups. The authors of the stories go "yeah, this happened" and "yeah, that happened" and throw them in there as if they are typing "then the weather turned cold" or "the door was locked". They are written as if they are some minor inconvenience inst…

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NedWolfkin NedWolfkin 1 November 2019

Ned's Nitpicks Volume 8: The Pacman Game Console

Look at the picture on the left. It is an old Pacman Gaming Console Machine!

No, it's not a console. A gaming console is something you hook up to your television. I think you mean to say "Arcade cabinet".

It's said to be the first virtual game created by NAMCO.

WTF, it's not a virtual game! And it's not even NAMCO's first game, either!

Today, I'll tell you a story that happened way back 90's.

I'll tell you what happened back in the 90's. Movies were great, Cartoon Network, The Disney Channel, and Nickelodeon were still good, and pogs and Pokemon cards were king of the schoolyard.

A mother have a child.

Thus what makes her a mother. Also "have" a child?

This child is now 3-years old. This mother bought a new "Pacman Game Console". She searched the …

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PaulBlart65 PaulBlart65 27 October 2019


Can someone send me the stories, shrek 666, the cool guys watching shrek lost episode saga, and stuff like that i know it cant be posted on this site because of the guidelines and such but if anyone can send me copies of it that would be good i just want to have a good laugh again

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NedWolfkin NedWolfkin 25 October 2019

Ned's Nitpicks Volume 7: Good Creepypastas

Well everyone, here it finally is: my riffs on good Creepypastas.

Before I begin, I also want to make a note that I LOVE these Creepypastas. Some of them are the founding fathers of the Creepypasta genre, and without them we wouldn't have Creepypasta community, and by that extent we wouldn't have Trollpastas, and therefore this site wouldn't exist.

These stories can still be found on the CPW if anyone is interested in reading the non-riff versions.

Let's start with The Slender Man.

  • 12 THE RAKE
  • 17 B.O.B. (Brutal O…

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NedWolfkin NedWolfkin 18 October 2019

Ned's Nitpicks Volume 6: Cleo the Killer

Original story can be found here.

It was a bright and sunny day and Cleo was walking to school. She had no friends and mostly stayed alone.

Maybe that's why she has no friends, because she "mostly stayed alone." That and because no one wants to be around the main character of a shitty story.

As she walked into the school yard she entered the building expecting someone to punch her AGAIN! Instead they where all talking about this kid named Jeff who's brother Liu had gone to jail for a year.

I'm imagining the school is so crowded and small that when you enter the building you risk accidentally walking into someone's fist.

I walked to my locker

We're not too far into the story and the author has swapped the story from third to first person.

it was r…

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NedWolfkin NedWolfkin 12 October 2019

(Temporary) New Wallpaper

I hope nobody minds, but I have changed the site's wallpaper. It will be changed back to EVIL PATRIXXX at midnight (eastern standard time).


I want to apologize to everyone for the MLP wallpaper, and I hope I didn't embarrass anybody.

Any-whose, LOLSKELETONS dug up this picture of EVIL PATRIXXX that was (and now finally is) on his category page. If nobody minds, this will be our wallpaper for the rest of October to celebrate Halloween because it has a Halloween feel to it.

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NedWolfkin NedWolfkin 11 October 2019

Volume 5: Dark side (jeff the killer story)

I want to start this blog by appologizing to everyone. Not only for my on-and-off discussion posts, but for not being able to do a 3-part series where I tear down good Creepypastas.

As you all might know, things got in the way and I was unable to write it. Things seem to be quieting down for time being, so I will try to get it done in one giant post before Halloween.

Instead, this week I am going to tear down Dark sides (jeff the killer story) and as you can guess just by looking at the title it's a shitty OC story with capitalization issues.

This is my first ever upload so hopefully it well be good bye

If the title didn't prepare us that this was going to be an utter spelling trainwreck, this prologue certainly did just that.

one young girl name…

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NedWolfkin NedWolfkin 4 October 2019

Ned's Nitpicks Volume 4: Jeff the Killers vs. The Rake

As you may know there has been a lot of stuff going on in my life, and despite most of it dying down, I am still slightly busy. So I chose the first Crappypasta that came up which was Jeff The Killer vs. The Rake. And in case you are wondering, no this story does not have no rhyme or reason.

I know when I first published the last edition of Ned's Nitpicks I said I would do a review of GOOD Creepypastas, but because of how busy I've been I haven't had time to so instead I'm reviewing this shitfest. If anyone was interested in me tearing down good CPs, then don't worry, I'm going to. For the next three Fridays I will be tearing them down as a way to celebrate the Halloween month.

Let's begin, shall we?

I was on my way to Harvard University with …

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Prosciutto With Horns Prosciutto With Horns 1 October 2019

Forever lost Super Mario 64 creepypasta

Back in the early days of the Creepypasta Wiki, have any of you read/seen that old Super Mario 64 pasta in which the player finds Luigi's corpse in a log cabin on the summit of Bob-omb Battlefield? It's even referenced in How I Met a Terrible Fate in one bit. I would love to find that pasta and post it here as fine specimen for the "Old Shit" category, but I sadly think it may be lost forever. Not even the Trollpasta Miraheze website may have the story, as the search suggestions I've been getting brought none of it.

Unrelated, but can blog posts have different categories aside from "Blog posts" too?

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Sir PatriXXXX sToOB Sir PatriXXXX sToOB 30 September 2019

My comeback

So, I've been offline for a few months now and I think I need to do a thing to make everything here weirder than it already is. Because I'm Uberstoober, Nigel damn it.

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NedWolfkin NedWolfkin 30 September 2019

Ned's Nitpicks Volume 3: Charlie the Killer

Hello everyone, and welcome to what could possibly be the last Ned's Nitpicks. Today I will tear apart Charlie the Killer. Also, I'm sorry for being tardy with this one.

Well, here we have it. The definition of all shitty Jeff OCs. This is my "favorite" amongst all the Jeff OCs. Why? Because this one is short, not a complete rip off of Jeff's story, and it is a defining example of what all these stories are actually like.

Jeff is nearly 18 now and meeting Jane the Killer was a big thrill for him as she died a tragic death from ‘falling down the stairs’ but this didn’t stop his psychopathic ways.

First of all, how in the hell does anyone who isn't a 100 year old nursing home patient die simply by falling down stairs? Was it the basement steps tha…

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NedWolfkin NedWolfkin 25 September 2019

Ned's Nitpicks Volume 2: Four Bears, a Smurf, and a Killer.

In this edition I'm going to look at three short stories. Berenstain Bears Lost Book, Victor Smurf and Nick. These stories are some of my "favorite" (I say ironically) Crappypastas. Because they are so short, they cannot be their own "episode" so I decided to do all three at once.

After this edition I'm going to start posting these on Fridays to go with the weekend theme.

Anywho, let's start with the first story, Berenstain Bears Lost Book which is little else than a poorly written remake of Dead Bart, but with the Berenstain Bears instead of the Simpsons. Pour a drink and take a shot every time this following story rips off Dead Bart

As you may know that popular book/show The Berenstain Bears.

As we may know what about them? Are you saying we might k…

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