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A creative, updated take on Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven.

The Hogwarts Ponies

What happens when you mix two toxic fandoms, both of which have fans that can't write for crap? You get a shitty fanfic that is so bad that it deserves FotM, even though it is not a Crappypasta. In this one-scene wonder, the ponies learn about the Crucio curse. The end. that's it.

Our Theme Song

"I see trolls online, bitchy mods too. Have no sense of grammar, and will piss you off too.
And I type to myself... What a wonderful troll.
I see low sense of humour, low self esteem, Try to pirate games, right off of Steam.
And I type to myself... What a wonderful troll.
Talk about about double rainbows, they'll assume you're a sissy.
Type right out, wanna make you cry.
I see mods banning them left and right, And trolls wanna scream in their ear and say
"Fuck you"
They hear 10 year olds cryin', that's what they assume,
Go on Trollpasta, and make fun of you.
And I type to myself... They'll make fun of that too.
Ya, I type to myself troll, Fuck You.
~ Loltroll466 left the chat. ~
Oh yeah."

Song by: SpicyHandofMarriage
Originally by: Louis Armstrong

Our Other Theme Song
Keep Trollin Trollin Trollin Trollin-0

Keep Trollin Trollin Trollin Trollin-0


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