These are the site's rules. Please be sure to read them carefully.

Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse for breaking them.

And just a reminder, folks. This is not the Trollpasta Wiki! What was acceptable there, isn't necessarily acceptable here. Just because we have some of the same stories, doesn't mean we're the same thing.

Obey FANDOM's terms of use.

This rule is number one because it is the most important.

As such, all users must be 13 years or older. Anyone younger will be blocked until they are old enough to join.


Be polite to other users and the administrators. We do not allow any personal insults, stalking, harassment, doxing, personal threats, racial slurs, homophobia, sexism, or attacks on others' personal beliefs. This includes writing stories that make fun of our staff and users.

We are a drama free wiki. White knighting and attempting to starting drama are strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate ban.

We do not allow sockpuppets or alternate accounts. Sockpuppet/alts will be permanently banned and the user's main account will be warned. If a user tries to make a sockpuppet to get around a ban their sock will be permanently banned and the ban on their main account will be extended.

Don't backseat moderate, please. Let the admins do their jobs.

As a rule of thumb, you should only post links to sites outside of FANDOM to provide attribution to pastas—spamming offsite links is not allowed. Linking to your social media or blog on your user page is acceptable.

Do not spam other users message pages.

Do not advertise your stories, products, off-site links, websites, or off-site accounts anywhere on this site.

We will not tolerate any cross-wiki drama.

Just a reminder, the word "Trollpasta" has nothing to do with actual trolling.


Vandalism of any kind will not be tolerated.

Threatening to vandalize this site will result in an immediate, permanent ban.

Do not edit stories you didn't write.

Do not blank pages. This will be considered vandalism and the offending user will be blocked.

Editing others' user pages is considered vandalism.

Do not make pointless edits. This includes synonym and localization changes.

It is strictly against the rules to rename a page unless you are the original author, or if the title is incorrect.

Do not hijack pages. This will be considered vandalism and will result in a block.

Quality Standards

For more information about what does and does not make a good Trollpasta, please consult this page.

All stories must be finished and on one page. Unfinished and multipage stories will be deleted and the author will be warned.

Stories that are nothing but banging on a keyboard (i.e. "asklhahglegh") will be considered spam and deleted.

Do not post intentionally bad stories. We are not a garbage site.

Similarly stories that are just one press of a keyboard button (i.e. "AAAAAAAAAA") will be considered spam and deleted.

If your story is only one sentence long it must have a point to it.

Blank pages will be considered spam and deleted.

Pages that are just a single letter, number, or a word will be considered spam and deleted.

We do not allow stories that are pointless. Any story which is nothing but "I watched a scary episode of SpongeBob then I died." will be deleted.

Overly NSFW stories will be deleted.

Stories that are nothing more than rants about this site will be deleted and user will be temporarily blocked. If this rule is broken three times, the user will recieve a permanent ban.

Do not add classic Creepypastas such as Squidward's Suicide to this site.


Because we received so many, we had to put restrictions on collaborations. All collaborations will be locked one month after they are posted, regardless of finished status.

A collaboration may be closed early if it starts becoming offensive or controversial.

Offensive Content

Stories with gore, excessive profanity, pornographic content of any kind or anything too offensive are subject to being edited or completely removed.

Stories that revolve around anything perverted will be deleted and the user will be warned.

It is against the rules to use racism, homophobia, sexism, real life tragedies, animal cruelty, anything "shocking", or anything offensive in your stories. They aren't funny, they are disrespectful. Users will be warned or banned if this rule is even slightly broken.

You may not use political, religious, or controversial figures as characters in your stories.

Images and Videos

All videos and images must be SFW (Safe For Work). Anything pornographic, shocking, disturbing, or seizure inducing is prohibited.

Do not make images too big.

You may not use photos from crime scenes or real life tragedies.


Please read the category list so you can correctly categorize your pages. Remember to categorize your pages, and please try to categorize them correctly.

It is against the site rules to make up new categories. When tagging pages, only use already existing categories.

The Crappypasta category is ONLY for Creepypastas that suck, not for Trollpastas! and please note that the Not Sure if Troll or Trying to Be Serious category is only for stories we aren't sure are bad Creepypastas or straight forward Trollpastas.

The FIRST CREEPYPASTA ASSPATS ONLY PLZ is only to be given to Creepypastas where authors beg for leniency because it is their first story. This category is not be given to users' first stories, especially without the disclaimer.

When categorizing pages, do not add one category at a time.

The Unfunny, Suggested Reading, Classics, Old Shit, Pasta of the Month, Fail of the Month, PotM, and FotM are administrator only categories. Users are not allowed to add these categories to pages.

Do not categorize user pages, blogs or discussion posts.

We are not accepting category suggestions.

Comment Sections

Do not spam the comment section.

Do not add comments that are too long. Anything like complete song lyrics, the Bee movie script, or a pointless string of pressing down on a key (i.e. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA") is prohibited.

Do not post chain messages anywhere on this site. Doing so will lead to an immediate ban.

Do not post random keystrokes (i.e. ajsfjlahfsaf) as comments.

Do not make continuous strings of comments and/or replies to comments. Keep your reply in one or two boxes.

All comments must be related to the story it is posted on.

Page Deletions

Site staff has every right to delete a story they do not think is fit for the site with no obligation to tell authors why it was deleted.

If your story is deleted, it will probably be archived on the Trelpesta Wiki

If you see a page that needs to be deleted, add the Delete Now template and category. The template must be added at the top of the page.

If you see a page that is marked for deletion, but do not think it should be deleted you may contest its deletion in the comment section. Only administrators may remove the category and template.

If you have written a story that you want taken down, feel free to ask an administrator to remove it.

It is strictly against the rules to reupload deleted pages.

We do not do deletion appeals, even if improvements are made on a deleted story.

Blog and Discussion Rules

Blogs are supposed to be blogs and nothing else.

Do not post stories in the form of blogs or discussion posts.

Etiquette rules apply to discussion posts.

Do not post spam blogs or discussion posts.


Most first offenses result in a warning, whereas others may result in an immediate block. A user will only be warned once and if they continue breaking the rule they were warned about they will be blocked. Each time a previously blocked user

First offense = warning

Second offense = one week ban

Third offense = two week ban

Fourth offense = one month ban

Fifth offense = two month ban

Sixth offense = permanent ban

If a user repeatedly breaks a rule, they will be banned before being warned.

Depending on how seriously a rule is broken, a user may be banned before being given a warning, and possibly permanently banned.

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